Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sick Is No Fun

Stephen had a pretty rough night last night. He's been dealing with some congestion that keeps him from really being able to breathe well. It also inhibits some ability to eat well. His hunger has been making him cranky, too. When I got him up this morning he was running a fever (which he had been doing over the weekend but we thought it was over). So off to convenient care we went. They were great - saw us quickly, made sure nothing serious was going on, and sent us home. What a relief! He's sleeping a lot and doesn't want to play much, but it'll hopefully just be for another day or so. It's so sad to see him upset. And his face is rather crusty from rubbing his hands on his nose and then all over his face.

In other news, I just met with the Pregnancy Resource Center about being a mentor for women who are going through a crisis pregnancy. I'm looking forward to seeing what God might have in store there.

Ryan is done with classes. He has a paper due tomorrow as well as a saxophone jury (that's a final for a music major). He is busy getting his paperwork done for substitute teaching beginning next week.

I'll try to post some pictures this weekend!

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