Monday, May 28, 2007

All Aboard!

They really do say that!!!! We got off in Galesburg this evening and the conductor stepped outside the train right before leaving and said "all aboard" before getting on and taking off. Overall it was a pleasant experience. I'm glad we knew it was running really behind so we didn't go to Osceola for the whole morning. We got into Galesburg 6 hours behind schedule, but Ryan was there to pick us up. Stephen enjoyed looking out the windows and not having to be buckled in his seat.

Ryan enjoyed being at Tony and Becky's wedding. He got a Cardinals shirt, though; what is he going to do with that?

Stephen crawled a few paces while in Des Moines. But then we got home and he TOOK OFF!! It was hilarious. He gets himself up just fine, crawls over, and just when he is close enough to the toy that he wants, he lunges for it and falls flat on his tummy (what previously happened when he tried to crawl).

Susan looked up Ryan's 11-month measurements. 28 pounds and 30.5 inches. We measured Stephen today since he is now 11 months. 28 pounds and 31 inches.

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