Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hearing His Voice

I saw this Scripture illustrated so clearly tonight! . . .

His sheep follow Him because they know His voice
John 10:4

In context it talks about how the sheep know the shepherd's voice just as those who follow God know His voice and can distinguish it from the wrong voices.

I was sitting in Stephen's room with him trying to get him ready to go to sleep. Ryan was having a simple conversation with 2 of our friends in the other room. Stephen was sort of looking up at me ... sort of eating ... when his daddy said something really simple and short. It wasn't loud or emphatic or exceptionally clear. Stephen sat up instantly and looked around the room for Ryan. WOW! It really struck me. I heard a lot when I was pregnant about how much the mother's voice is a comfort for a baby. And I am not surprised that he recognizes our voices, but to pick just a few words out of a conversation in another room where 2 men and a woman were talking about shoelaces ... that is amazing to me.

On another note, I have wondered how the media would handle Jerry Falwell's death. It was interesting to me to read this post by David Kuo regarding this famous man.

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