Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Nerd Test

We took the nerd test for Stephen. Here is his result.

I am nerdier than 4% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

(Ryan's score was 55 and mine was 42.)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Going through Ryan's old stuff

Could someone please tell Ryan that we don't need to keep his master's of the universe belt? Or the photocopy from a murder mystery dinner he attended in high school? We have found some interesting notes from old friends, and some old papers and badges. (Don't worry; we really aren't keeping that much; he just likes to tease me.)

We have been in Des Moines since the 25th and have been able to see some friends and family. Today we met Kevin and Kathy's new baby, Tessa. She is smaller than Stephen ever was - she just cleared 6 pounds!

Stephen is doing great and is feeling much better than last week when all three of us were sick. Yesterday he decided that walking around in circles by pivoting on one foot is really fun. He has also taken to prompting us to leave the house whenever he wants a little bit of air. He will go right to the closet and let us know that he wants his coat on!

We'll be back in Champaign for New Years' and Heidi will be staying there with us so she can see friends while on her semester break from teaching.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Helpful? Or not?

Here's a snapshot of Stephen "helping" me to prepare dinner last night. He thought this was great fun, and it kept him content during one of his least favorite times of the day: mommy has to cook.

Then this morning Ryan took him to the bank. All was fine and dandy until we tried to get back in the house after our sonogram. Ryan didn't have the house key! He went back to the bank, where Stephen had been playing with them. And found them. In the garbage can.

In other news, our sonogram went well. All the parts are there, including the parts we don't know about yet. We just had to turn our heads during parts of it to avoid accidental discovery. The baby is at 50% for 22 weeks. (That is a good thing!) They estimate it weighing about 1 lb 2 oz right now.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

An Idea

Heather posted about inventions, but I just have an idea. How about having special parking spaces for pregnant cellists when it's really icy and cold outside? That would have helped last night as I faced a full parking ramp at Krannert and had to park outside for the performance of The Messiah.

Speaking of the performance, it was downright exhausting!! I thought today that I don't know which was harder and required more endurance: running the half marathon in Des Moines a few years back or playing the entire Messiah with the CU Symphony last night. The half marathon took me exactly 2 hours. The Messiah was almost 3. And I felt it! I just don't play my cello enough to have the stamina for that.

Ryan finished up with his classes and finals on Friday, so he's been around more this weekend. It's been really nice, and I know he is enjoying being home more. He loves getting Stephen to say "I am ..." which doesn't really come out like sounding quite right. But his mouth opens really wide and it's hilarious. We are trying to get it on video but he always just reaches for the camera when we get it out. He can't quite call it quits for the semester yet as he still has some assistantship work to do. He's planning to get back on the subbing list for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully he'll get some decent classes! I don't wish too many days of kindergarten on him.

Friday, December 07, 2007


We just found out this morning that Stephen's iron levels are back up where they are supposed to be (11.3). I am so relieved about that! We went to celebrate with some cheesebread at Penn Station and then we went to Meijer.

This is also a big day for Ryan, as he is currently about an hour away from being done with the semester! He has had such a busy couple of weeks and we'll both be relieved when it's all done. It's hard for me to watch him go to bed late and get up early day after day. I know he's worn out.

I'm performing Handel's Messiah with the C-U Symphony this weekend. We needed to get friends to watch Stephen both last night and tonight because Ryan also has concerts. He did great last night with our friend, Joyce. I think she enjoyed him, too.

I was watching Stephen this morning as he played with other kids in the waiting room. He was very gentle but at the same time kind of bossy. If another kid started playing with a toy he wanted, he would just go up to them and lift their hand up and move it away. I didn't let him get away with it because even gentle selfishness is still selfishness.