Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I guess it's my first mother's day. That's what they're telling me anyway :). We were up in the Chicago area for Emily's shower. We also went to a Spares concert in the city. So many photos that I will send you to the snapfish folder to see more pictures.

Emily's shower was a blast, with family and friends all gathering at Sandi's house. We decorated some spice jars with markers and stickers. Just as I anticipated, the younger girls were the pro decorators. We played a fun little trivia game about Texas. Did you know that in Houston it's illegal to sell Limburger cheese on Sunday? Or that in Mesquite, Texas, children are not allowed to have unusual haircuts?

Last night, we caught the very end of Steve Hendershot's concert in Chicago. The Spares' new release, Glory and Grace, just came out. Even little Stephen sat and listened in the sanctuary.

This morning we went to the Sunday service at Naperville Presbyterian and then to grandma's for a scrumptious lunch.

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Recovering said...

I'm jealous you got to see The Spares...hopefully they'll make it to Des Moines some time soon.