Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Little Brother Is Going to Graduate

Lovin' the grass ... it's just hard to keep it out of his mouth!

We're heading out of town tomorrow to go to Des Moines for John's graduation. I know it was 12 years ago for me but I distinctly remember that invigorating excitement that made concentration impossible.

Ryan is experiencing dealing with kids who are antsy to get out of school as he is subbing this week. Yesterday he was at a middle school working with special ed kids. Funny thing happened: He forgot to wear his wedding ring and found that one of the teachers was rather friendly. I told him I understood why! (He remembered to wear his ring today.) Today he is filling in for a history teacher in Urbana.

Stephen is dealing with some seasonal allergies (at least that is what I think is going on!). His eyes are so puffy and he's rubbing them a lot. We are going to see an opthalmologist next week. We also turned our AC on last night because we wondered if having windows open all night was making it worse.

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