Monday, May 07, 2007

Out on the water again

Stephen had his first boating experience at 5 weeks old. His second took place yesterday at Ryan's professor's house. She has a small lake in her backyard and a paddleboat, which we took for a little ride. Stephen didn't love it the way he loves swinging at the park, but he seemed to take in the surroundings while we were out. Part of the reason it might not have been his favorite is that he had a large life jacket around his torso and I had just smeared sunscreen all over him. I know the photo isn't the greatest but I was trying to keep a hand on Stephen so he would feel secure and my husband (for some reason) wanted me to pedal!

Heidi is in town for the week and Stephen's been excited the few times he's seen her. She'll be in and out much of the time with so much work to do and her other friends to see. But at least she's able to stay here! We like having company. (hint hint)

It's official. Ryan has not been exposed to tuberculosis. (We weren't worried.)

He starts meeting with an Iranian student this afternoon to help him with his English.

We're still trying to figure out his summer employment. Getting through the school year and getting funding issues resolved for next year was about all he could handle last month!

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