Thursday, February 12, 2009

You Know You're a Mother When ...

... you think "living on the edge" means going to the library without a diaper bag.

This is precisely what I did a couple of hours ago.

And I'm sure that you're now thinking I'm going to tell you a thrilling poop story. But I'm not. It was fine. There were no catastrophes.

But we did stumble upon a birthday party for Abraham Lincoln, complete with cake and punch! Ever since going to the museum a few weeks ago, Stephen has noticed Abe's picture just about everywhere. And since he's on the Illinois license plate, we hear about dear ol' Abe quite a bit.

And now we're waiting for Susan and Carolyn to arrive. It'll be a little later than they expected since Obama decided to go to Peoria when they were driving through.


Joe said...

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln is half man-half unicorn? That's why he wore those 11 inch hats. Also, would Abe like cake and punch?

Lisa said...

that is super, joe!

Laura said...

I remember the joy of carrying less stuff on errands. It's great. Congratulations.

Joe said...

So, Lisa. Let me get this straight. Your parents now live in Texas. Your sister, Emily, also lives in Texas. And now you're moving there too? What's with the Lorimor-clan migrating to the southwest?

Please respond on my blog. This is very unsettling.