Thursday, February 26, 2009


My one request, food-wise, was that we eat at a Mexican place while the kids and I were visiting mom and dad in Texas. So this was on our way home from San Antonio yesterday and it was sure great! We also enjoyed a nice lunch at The Cove and took a quick tour of Lackland AFB, where Ryan will be working sometime later this year.

Abby got a new push toy today and loved it. Mom has a video of it up on YouTube.

I would post more, but I'm anticipating a rough night with a little boy with a fever and a girl who gets me up a lot anyway.

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Michelle Chin ND, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine said...

Hello Lisa,

(Sorry I couldn't find your personal email address)
Thank you for your inquiry regarding the chelation recipe.

I'm sorry to hear your 9-month old has some lead exposure. But I think you are making a great decision on removing the high lead levels naturally.
And actually, the cilantro has been found to be the most important ingredient in helping the body rid of the lead (heavy metal).

Since you are not introducing nuts yet into your 9-month old, I would hold off adding the Brazil nuts into the chelation recipe.
The Brazil nuts are in the recipe because they are high in a mineral called, Selenium.
Selenium is an important mineral that is needed in the Glutathione cycle in our bodies (Glutathione is a potent antioxidant). And Glutathione is known to be important in the heavy metal excretion process.

But, in your case, I would recommend that you NOT introduce the Brazil nuts into the recipe until you introduce nuts into your 9-month old's diet. I believe your 9-month old will receive enough Selenium in her current diet.

FYI: Natural food sources high in selenium include cereals (eg. corn, wheat, and rice), nuts (brazil nuts and walnuts), legumes (soybeans), animal products (beef, chicken, egg, cheese), seafood (tuna). Other selenium rich foods are oats, cods and turkey. Brazil nuts are among the very rich sources of selenium.

Thank you for your inquiry. If you have any other comments or concerns, feel free to email me.

Michelle Chin, ND
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Advanced Health Recovery
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Markham, ON . L3R 6E1