Thursday, February 05, 2009

Favorite Things

My friend L posted today about what we can be happy about in February. Since the only things I can really add to her list are that grandma and Aunt Care are coming next weekend and the kids and I are going to Texas later in the month, I decided to write a list of some of our current favorite things.

Abby's favorite place to hang out
Under the table, where, despite my best attempts at frequent sweeping, she finds bits of food to eat

My favorite new treat
Stroopwafel Cookie. Bethany brought me a bag from Germany last week. And I hope my food coop friends want to order some, too, so we can buy a whole case ...

Ryan's favorite thing to not have to do on Wednesday night
A paper for musicology

Stephen's favorite pastime at the library
Reading books (he just realized they were there last night?!?!)

Abby's favorite new toy
An empty bottle of dried oregano

Stephen's favorite thing to hand me in the middle of the night
a booger

Stephen's favorite CD
Veggie Tales Sing-a-long, which he refers to as "MADE-O" (tomato)

Ryan's favorite hot chocolate
After trying many types, he still claims that nothing compares to Friedrich's in Des Moines

Stephen's favorite nonsense word

My favorite laundry soap
Charlie's. Some friends and I just ordered a 5 gallon bucket and are splitting it up 13 ways.


Laura said...

What's your favorite thing to book for dinner that's fast?

Laurie said...

That's my favorite hot chocolate too!!! They just use Hershey's syrup with the steamed milk and whipped cream on top! :)

Lisa said...

laura, i think you mean cook

because when i think book i think reservations, and dinner at a restaurant sounds great to me :)

the 2 things that popped into my head are spaghetti and fish with steamed vegetables

though if you mean fast prep a chicken in the crock pot is my new favorite easy meal. i just rinse it off, stick it in the crockpot, put a little salt and pepper on it, and it's ready in 6-8 hours.

by the way, the kids gobbled up the minestrone the other day. but i can't say that was fast and easy.

Heather said...

i bought Heidi a case of organic stroopwaffels for their anniversary. how funny!