Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Big or Little?

We noticed that Stephen was distinguishing between big and little things ... He has big trucks and little trucks ... in the picture of hot air balloons he will point out the little balloons and the big balloons and do so correctly.

But then this is how our conversation went this morning:

Me: "Is Abby big or little?"

Stephen: "Little."

Ryan: "Is mommy big or little?"

Stephen: "Little."

Me: "Is daddy big or little?"

Stephen: "Little."

Me: "Is Stephen big or little?"

Stephen: "Big."


Laura said...

That one made me laugh. Thanks.

Laurie said...

very funny :)

Lisa said...

just in case it was a fluke i asked him the same series of questions this morning.

same answers.

Grandpa said...

He takes after his grandfather. In German class today we had to make up sentences using opposites. When it came to long and short, I said in German that my pants were short and my underwear was long. The class got quite a chuckle out of my misstep.

Lisa said...

tonight abby's underwear was long. she had pooped on her pants so i just put long underwear on her.