Saturday, May 03, 2008

What Abby Does

I'm listening to Stephen through the monitor as he is going to sleep. He is talking about Abby. Mostly he just says her name, but he also says that she cries. And that she has hands and eyes and hair and a nose. He's been increasingly interested in her in the last day and often will climb up on my lap to look at her with me.

We're celebrating this evening because (we think) Abby is back up to her birth weight. At least she was up to 8 lb 10 oz on Wednesday and at an ounce a day she'd be back to 8 lb 13 oz by today. I'm guessing she's a little beyond that because she's such a good nurser and her output is more than the average. Speaking of output, she is a much more aware pooper and pee-er than Stephen ever was. She regularly waits until her diaper is off to do her business. Tonight it squirted across the room and all over the rug in our room. In the same spot where my water broke ... sorry for all the information!

My parents were in town but they left today. Stephen really enjoyed having them to play with him and all of his trucks, but I think he'll enjoy having mommy's more focused attention for the next couple of days. Ryan is mostly done with school and he will finish up over the course of the next week.

Here are photos that I know some of you are looking for!

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