Monday, May 12, 2008

May 10

May 10 was no ordinary day for Ryan and Lisa Leatherman. We celebrated being married for 1000 days! You may not believe this, but I (Lisa) was not one the to realize it. On Friday, Ryan had put the numbers "999" on Stephen's magnetic board. Having no idea what it meant, I just put the numbers back when I was tidying up the living room. On Saturday he got back from his limo job after Stephen was in bed and we spent some time together talking about events that have happened since we got married almost 3 years ago.

We continue to adjust to life with 2 kids and Stephen's doing great being a big brother. A wise woman (thanks, Maria's mom!) told me shortly after I knew I was pregnant with Abby that in her experience 2 kids was easier than 1. Bear with me on this one. I know that practically speaking that just cannot be true. But I am finding out what she meant by that. I think I had such high expectations of what I should be able to get done when I just had Stephen to care for. Now I just don't expect very much else to get done! It's also nice for me to have 2 different stages to think about. There have been times when it seems all I do is think about the 1 issue we're having with Stephen (such as getting his iron level up or getting rid of a nasty diaper rash) and there's only so much brain that I want to expend on a single kid issue. Now I don't have to. I can think about several issues that require attention. So while we've already had moments where both kids are crying, overall this is far from being a season in life that I can't wait to get through ... we're having a great time!

I should really get to bed. I need to get up early - before Ryan gets up to sub at an elementary school. It's my only chance to take a shower.

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Traci & Cheyenne said...

Congrats you two!! It seems like only yesterday you guys were getting married. Where does time go? :o)