Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Picnic

Here is Carolyn holding Abby for the first time. Abby sunk right in and took a nap ...

Abby got to try her first bottle the other day. She drank less than an ounce and wasn't very fond of it. She's been a must better nurser than Stephen, but she didn't take her first bottle as well as he did. We're not in any hurry to get her to take it, but I think the car trip to St. Louis on Saturday will go better if she's willing to take milk that way. We shall see ...

We went on a picnic together today, despite the rain. We just sat in a pavilion at picnic tables and enjoyed our sandwiches, chips, jello salad, and crackers. Then the rain was light enough that Stephen got to tool around the playground for a little while with Ryan.

The Snodgrasses had their twins today! Alexander and Nicholas are doing well and I was able to talk to Erica for a few minutes this afternoon.

I found this tractor video for Stephen and he asks to see it every time he sees Ryan's computer out!! The music on it is quite funny to listen to.

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