Thursday, May 22, 2008

Touch a Truck

The Champaign Park District puts on an event every spring called Touch a Truck. A bunch of trucks — a fire truck, a tow truck, the library bookmobile, the bomb squad truck, and on and on — gather in a park and HUNDREDS of preschoolers get to look inside them and even honk the horns. It's quite noisy. I knew Stephen wouldn't care if he got to actually go in the trucks, but he sure did enjoy walking around the park and looking at the variety of vehicles. This one that he is sitting in is the Pepsi truck. There was no line for this one, and all we did was take the photo. He didn't actually want to play around in there.

My parents managed to find a bike trailer that we can use, and after we coaxed Stephen into it (by letting him play with a truck in it), he LOVED it! My dad had to go on many short bike rides because he kept saying "again." The weather was beautiful, too.

We're looking forward to seeing Aunt Carolyn (Care), Grandma Susan (Pike), Grandpa Dave, and Great Grandma Leatherman this weekend!

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