Monday, April 21, 2008

The waiting game

Waiting is what we're doing around here. We're waiting in a big way for the baby to come. But tonight as we tried to run some simple errands we were waiting in small ways ... it took over an hour for Ryan to get measurements done at a tux shop for a wedding he's standing up for in June. As Stephen grew increasingly restless, we decided that I'd go ahead and take him over to Meijer where we were going to pick up a few groceries. We ended up in "that line" and had to wait as the cashier made call after call and eventually a manager came and sorted out some prices with a customer ahead of us.

We enjoyed the weather as usual during the day today and did some playing at the park. Stephen walked all the way home (0.6 miles)! As long as there is a sidewalk, I let him walk next to me (I just carry him across the streets.).

Although the price of gas continues to go up, I found the price of something else going down: photos, when purchased as digital prints via online stores. Including shipping I ordered all the photo-album-worthy photos since August for less than 10 dollars! That's what I would have paid to develop a roll of film a few years ago.

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