Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It was his idea

I turned to see what Stephen was up to and this is what I saw ...

He really likes this truck. It's one that Ryan played with as a boy.

My Eagle Scout husband told me to always check keys that I had duplicated to make sure they worked. Today I did just that after having a couple extra door keys made for the car, and they didn't work! I'm glad I tried while in the parking lot so I could just go back in and get them remade.

I was at the grocery store with Stephen yesterday and a woman who Stephen had probably smiled at stopped and said to him, "young man, you're going to have a visitor soon!" To which I thought she was psychic; how did she know grandma and grandpa Leatherman were coming this weekend? Then I remembered that I am pregnant. That "visitor" to which she was referring won't be much of a visitor, but rather a permanent resident of our home.

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