Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Butchering a Cucumber

I got Stephen a new tool - a "safe" kitchen knife. Don't worry; I'm not letting him run around the house with it, but I let him sit on the floor with me today to attempt to slice a cucumber to eat with the hummus he had just helped me make. I got this knife through a Pampered Chef party the other day and decided to give it a shot. He did pretty well holding it and knew that it was supposed to cut through the cucumber, but it was more like stabbing it than slicing it. I think I'll try with something a little softer, like a strawberry, next.

Tonight we went to a visitation for our neighbor, Lurline. She was 82 and hadn't been doing very well for the past couple months. Most of her family lives out of town, and we hadn't met them before. For some reason, Stephen was very uncomfortable there. Maybe the somber mood affects him more than we realize. When we go to a store that he's never been to before, he has no trouble running around and making a lot of noise. At one point, though, Ryan and I were shaking hands with a couple of her grandchildren, and suddenly Stephen thrust out his hand (his left one :)) because he figured that's what he was supposed to do! Wow. I continue to be amazed ...

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