Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Following Directions

Who could this be, you might think. A bodybuilder? No, just a pregnant Lisa following her husband's directions to wear light clothing when taking a walk outside late at night. I couldn't find a warm enough light colored jacket, so on went one of Ryan's t-shirts over a fleece.

Ryan was coming home from school where he was practicing when something (we don't know what) went wrong with the car. The serpentine belt came off - but didn't break - and there is a piece that he found near the engine that had come loose. It was too late to take it somewhere to get it fixed, so we'll have to do that tomorrow. In the meantime, though, Ryan has to get to his limo job at 1:30 a.m. so he can drive some passengers from Peoria to Bloomington. He'll be back home by 7 - just in time for breakfast! So it was scramble-and-try-to-find-a-car time. The bus doesn't go anywhere near the limo company. He could ride his bike, but in a tux that would be less than ideal. Besides, it'll be 1 in the morning. We knew Eric and Bethany's car wasn't working, because they asked to borrow ours earlier in the day. So we called Andy and Maria and left a message, and just figured that would work.

We got a call from them 15 minutes later; they had just walked in the door from dropping off their old car and getting their new car - and those crazy Leathermans want to borrow it already! They graciously are allowing us to use it tonight, and it'll be back first thing in the morning. We just thought it was pretty funny timing.

So that was why I was taking a walk at 8:30 at night. I pushed Stephen over in a stroller to their house and then drove their car back here so it'll be ready for Ryan. (They have a son Stephen's size so I could just use that carseat.)

Both of my boys were in bed shortly after 9 and I've been busy trying to get some housework done. Still catching up from the long weekend that we had. Ryan and I really enjoyed our trip to a B&B in Bloomington. Even the organizing and cleaning that we did here at home was exciting since we are getting the house ready for the new baby. Stephen did remarkably well with grandma and grandpa for 2 nights; he also enjoyed seeing Heather, who is in town for a couple weeks from Germany.

Update: Ryan made it back from his job by 7 this morning and dozed for a few minutes on the couch. He just took the car in and found that they just need to replace a pulley and it'll be ready later this morning. Most importantly, Andy and Maria's new car was returned unharmed!

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