Monday, March 31, 2008

The Countdown Has Begun

The baby could be born any day between now and May 7. Watch this space for updates! I can't say I'm experiencing any clues that it's going to happen soon, but I didn't really experience any of those with Stephen until my water broke. And an explanation because I choose to be anal about it -- I've had a lot of people ask me "wasn't Stephen born early?" Now I know that they're asking about if he was born before the due date, but he wasn't born early. He was born full-term. So I generally rephrase the question when giving the answer: "He was born 2.5 weeks before the due date." He was 8 lb 8 oz!! Certainly not a preemie :). If this one is born at the same gestation as Stephen, it'll be born on Saturday. But I'm definitely not planning on that happening. It'll come when it's good and ready.

So in the meantime, I'm not sitting around doing nothing. Ryan has a bunch of gigs booked; I have plenty of social engagements and even a couple performances this week. I hope my cello can fit in my lap!

Here are some photos from the weekend.

1. Ryan kneeling by Stephen at the reception. He got to hang out for about an hour and some friends of ours shared their chicken strips and fries with him. Even without ketchup he was pretty happy about that!

2. At Panera with John Welch. I was able to get together with my dear old friend Emily (Haluska) Welch. We braved a restaurant together with the boys and they did great. Stephen was thrilled about his grilled cheese sandwich and yogurt tube.

3. Pregnant women at the wedding ... it's fun to be pregnant at the same time as some good friends. Here is Erica (carrying twins who are due in June), Laurie (due in July), me (due in April), and Jill (due in August). We tried to get our husbands to pose together but they weren't really interested. And one of them was off with the wedding party ...

It's opening day for MLB and Ryan and Stephen are both wearing their Tigers shirts. I'll see if we can get a picture. Stephen is also long overdue for a haircut, which we reluctantly are going to (try to) give him tonight. He hates them so much and I don't like traumatizing him.

I have another midwife appointment tomorrow and we're hoping to actually be able to see our midwife! Last week we went 2 different times and she was out for a delivery both times. I was happy that my strep B test came back neg. No antibiotics during labor for me!


Susan said...

You look great, Lisa! It's been so long since I've seen you. I'm starting to wonder if we will *ever* see each other again! Ryan and Stephen also look well. Stephen sure is growing. So fun. Take care!

Jennifer said...

Lisa - I ditto the looking great thing! I am waiting anxiously for the news - any day now - right?