Friday, March 30, 2007

a post from stephen at dinnertime

oh here we go it's that colored seat again! oh fun flap my arms wildly mommy's here and look there's daddy! they have lots of neat stuff in front of their faces. mmm rice cake piece. i will grab that with my hand and then shove my fist in my mouth. oops it fell down but mom will put it in my mouth for me wow!!! the fan!!! if i just look up i can watch it go around and around and around but then whoa! there's a banana piece in front of my face now. it's gooey. i like to slap my hands on it again and again and again and move it to the floor so now i will lean over and grind my teeth on the table. it's not food and daddy doesn't like it when i do it. so they figure out some more food to give me. for the sake of my bowels they make sure i have apple juice when i eat bananas so here is a blue cup with a little apple juice in it. i really like to put my hand in it but mommy doesn't let me. she holds it but i help and i get most of it in my mouth; a little on my bib; a little on the table. oh there is that fan again!! i will watch it while mommy and daddy finish eating and then i'll want some more rice cake. sometimes i scare mommy and daddy by acting like i'm choking but really it's just my gag reflex. i wouldn't choke on the tiny pieces they give me. mommy says something about cleaning me up - what? i'm dirty? - so she brings over a wet washcloth. she wipes me and that's fine but i really like holding onto the rag afterwards and putting it in my mouth. and that is dinner at our house!

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