Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nice Weather!

We've been enjoying the nice weather. Yesterday Stephen and I went on 3 separate walks!

These pictures are
1. Stephen on Saturday with my mom
2. me in 1978 with my dad ... same back carrier

Last night we had a visit from André, Rede, Foster, and Porter Drost. They arrived late last night and the boys had to go right to bed. Stephen was wired, having taken an evening nap. So he stayed up while we talked for awhile. They are en route to DC for Candy's sister's wedding. Candy flew there.

Stephen is 9 months old today! It's hard to get an accurate measurement on his height; I still think he's hovering right around 30 inches. I got 28 pounds on the scale - with his clothes on. He is playing by himself very well. He wants to be know Ryan or I are around, but he's generally pretty happy on his piano or playing with his blocks. He's become quite a wiggler at night.

Ryan is working tonight after having a full day with both of his lessons (jazz and classical), his morning Bible study, and a paper due at 10, for which he was up some of the night.

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