Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Day by the Mississippi

We took a day trip yesterday to the quad cities to meet Dave and Carolyn. Much of the afternoon was stormy, but we managed to get a nice walk by the river in before the rain started.

Stephen really did great in the car. He slept almost the entire way back. He had hardly napped during the day because we had so much going on!

We're trying to figure out what the summer will look like. Ryan has one week of work in Des Moines. But other than that he will need to find some local work, or we've even toyed with living in Plainfield or Des Moines for a month or so if that's where the work would be. Anyone with an idea please let us know!

In other news, our friends Mark and Sue just had a baby girl 2 days ago (on Ryan's grandma's birthday). Maria Mae and mom are doing well!

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