Friday, October 10, 2008

Home Sick

The sore throat I've had all week finally morphed into a head cold, and it's not much fun! I went ahead and canceled our morning plans so as not to exhaust myself and to keep from infecting our friends at a playdate. Stephen is doing remarkably well not leaving the house. (We always go somewhere in the morning, even if it's just around the block.)

I put Abby's new babylegs on her. They're cute and make diaper changes a little easier. Each one took me about 10 minutes, and that was even with Stephen on the couch trying to "help" me.

I watched The Italian this morning and it was pretty good. There was a little bad language but it was in Russian and therefore subtitled, so I didn't mind that Stephen was in the room with me.

Last night we grilled pork with a marinade I've used twice now. The recipe calls for massive amounts but I just scaled it back. Ryan really likes it, so we may end up stocking it in the fridge for regular use. We also needed to use up some apples but had no butter. I used canola oil and maple syrup and concocted an apple crisp that way. It wasn't really that crispy but Stephen's chants of "more more more" told me it was good.

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Heather said...

yuck. We're both getting over colds we've had for two weeks. No fun. Hope you feel better soon!