Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Day with Abby

Stephen is at grandma and grandpa's, and having a great time there. I am so glad. I thought that today Abby and I'd do some things that we can't do when he's around. So we went to baby story time at the library. Now that he's discovered the train table, he doesn't really want to go listen to stories and sing songs at the library--he can do that at home! She napping now, but soon we'll go to TJMax and then take lunch to Ryan at school. I'm planning on making some baby leg warmers out of women's tube socks and am hoping to find some on sale.

It is raining, so that limits our options a little bit.

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SPD said...

Abby has such gorgeous blue eyes! And what a clever idea about making baby legs out of socks. The commercial ones are so expensive and I just don't care to learn to knit. I'd be curious to hear how this idea works out.