Saturday, August 02, 2008

Update on Stephen

The doctor and nurses last night said that if Stephen was going to have any trouble with the item up his nose, it would start within 24 hours. So far so good; he isn't having any issues and seems to be unharmed by the traumatic ER experience.

We had a busy day clearing out of the old place. Now we are fully out and are setting up house. Ryan's parents are here and so are Bethany and Eric, who plan to stay here off and on while Eric finishes up grad school.

Ryan has been driving the limo and DJing tonight. I'm glad we pulled those clothes aside before we moved as we are nowhere NEAR unpacked yet.

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Anonymous said...

When David was 5 he put a bean up his nose when he was at Sunday School (they were gluing beans on paper as an art project.) We ended up in the ER that evening and they had to put medical cocaine up his nose to decrease the swelling so they cound remove the bean.