Sunday, August 31, 2008

Missing Lake Geneva

Though I haven't made it every year since going away to college in 95, I have many fond memories of our annual family reunion in Wisconsin. We were all set to go until yesterday when Stephen was still running a fever in the morning. I admit that I don't mind sparing Abby two long car trips, but I do wish we could be there. Many of the relatives haven't met Abby and now that Stephen knows some of them better I know he would have enjoyed himself, too.

Stephen woke up this morning without a fever and with a good night's rest. Yeah! We're still taking it easy. He hasn't had much food to eat in the past couple days so I'm sure he needs time to get his stamina back.

Bethany and I have watched Charlottes's Web, The Sound of Music, and King Corn in the past couple days. She's also been skyping with Eric quite a bit since he got to Germany a couple days ago.

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Jennifer said...

How is Stephen doing by the way? Sorry you missed your trip... :(