Friday, August 15, 2008

A post by the youngest member of the family

Hi. I'm Abby. Yesterday my mommy and daddy celebrated their 3rd anniversary, so grandma came down from Plainfield to spend time with me and my brother, Stephen (pronounced "Deen"). They never asked me about it, but they thought I'd be fine with grandma all night so mommy got lots of milk ready for me in the fridge.

I like having grandma here. She smiles at me a lot and I say "goo" back and giggle. I put a picture here so you can see how happy I am sometimes. I even laid in the stroller for a little bit while grandma and Stephen and I walked around the block.

But then I got hungry, and I don't like that funny-looking gadget they try to stick in my mouth with milk in it. I like having my mom right there with me to feed me. So I screamed. I screamed really loud hoping that my mommy could hear me wherever she and daddy were. Grandma helped me by calling daddy's phone and letting him hear how sad I was that I couldn't find mommy. So they came home to get me.

Then they just took me to the movie with them. OH BOY! That was the biggest TV I've ever seen! We saw The Dark Knight at the art theatre in downtown Champaign. I started talking a couple times during the movie but I never cried. I was with mommy :).

After we got home -- all 3 of us -- we watched some of the Olympics and cleaned up the house. I finally went to sleep around 11:30. I was so tired from my crazy day yesterday that I slept straight until 9 o'clock this morning!

I also wanted to show a picture of my mommy and daddy. They're really glad that they got married 3 years ago yesterday.

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Katie said...

What a cute post!

It sounds that, even though things didn't go as planned, you guys still had a good time!

Happy anniversary!