Monday, February 18, 2008

My Belly Is Becoming Inconvenient

Today as I stood in line at the grocery store and then maneuvered around the cart to pay, I kept running into things! I forget about the protrusion that is called my baby. The weight gain is so gradual that I don't feel like I have more to carry around than usual. I'm thankful that I don't feel uncomfortable at this point, though, and I never really did with Stephen.

Now that I'm on the subject of running errands around town, I want to share a rather strange encounter I had with a woman at the post office last week. Keep in mind that, though I try not to, I can look a bit frazzled when walking around in public. I'm often holding 30-pound Stephen because I don't want him testing his running ability on the icy pavement, and my expanding stomach makes that a bit cumbersome. Add a package or two to my armload and cold, windy conditions and you just might feel sorry for me. I walked into the post office and saw a line of 2 or 3, so I stood behind the last person. There was another woman in the room who was standing at the table that the post office provides for you to fill out forms and labels. She saw me stand at the back of the line and immediately said, "excuse me, I'm next." The first thought in my mind was But I already filled out my address label ... but I didn't say that. I just said, "OK." And stood back with Stephen, who was already off to look out the window into the parking lot. The other people in line were apparently so shocked that someone would treat me that way that they insisted I go in front of them. I really didn't care that much, but the gesture was kind and I took them up on it. So thank you, whoever you are!

My parents were here this weekend and, as usual, Stephen had a wonderful time with them! I usually arrange his breakfast schedule so he can eat pancakes whenever there is a grandpa around, and this time was no exception. Both grandpas and Stephen seem to thoroughly enjoy the experience! They also took him to Ashley Furniture with them so that Ryan could get some work done and I could go swimming. He also slept through the night for them and has done so the past two nights as well. Hooray!!

In silly Stephen news, there is a new air hockey video in our youtube collection. He also has a new favorite book. It is about shapes and he goes to the triangle page where there is a piece of pizza and very excitedly says "p!" He also has a number book, in which he tries to call all numbers "10." He has learned how to say some of the other numbers but 10 is still his favorite. He continues to learn more every day about how things work and his vocabulary is increasing, too. Though many words sound the same: "b."

I just finished reading End of the Spear because a friend had mentioned (as a movie) on his blog. I highly recommend it. I haven't seen the movie yet, but the stories in the book were really amazing as far as how some North Americans "fit in" to tribal culture in South America. The author, Steve Saint, is really down to earth, but the events of his life are anything but ordinary.

And, oops, this is really Lisa but I'm typing on Ryan's computer.

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