Friday, February 22, 2008

Home and Staying Home

We're staying home for the rest of the day. The snow is beautiful ... to watch through the front window. Not to experience firsthand with a full bladder and a coat that I can't zip up while pushing a small-wheeled stroller across campus to go to a concert that was postponed and then to catch a bus that had already left and then to just miss the table offering $1 pizza. We were wet, but we made it home. Ryan is en route to St. Louis in the limo, where I fear their road conditions may be worse than here!

Stephen has been learning where things go, and one thing he knows is that shoes go on his feet. He is wearing his tennis shoes, as well as Ryan's. He hasn't quite gotten the concept of the appropriate TIME to do certain things. For example, if he sees a cloth wipe, he goes to the sink to get it wet. (We only do that when we have a messy diaper to clean up.) He also hands me my keys, but isn't content for me to just say "thank you." He wants me to put them in my purse. I am trying to take advantage of this, and so now he throws garbage away for me and puts his dirty clothes in the laundry basket. (Though he also sometimes puts his clean clothes in the laundry basket.) Ryan and I were laughing so hard the other night -- we couldn't even catch our breath to say "thank you." We had asked him to put the salad dressing back in the fridge. It is a small bottle that fits in the door, but he thinks he needs a large open space where he can put it. So after standing in front of the open fridge for a few seconds, he musters up all the strength he can, and hoists that little bottle up to the top shelf and causes it to tumble over a couple other containers before it falls into an open spot behind them. (I guess you had to be there :).)


Heather said...

love the picture! The bottle was plastic, I hope?

Ryan said...

no, it was glass.