Sunday, July 01, 2007


I need to go wash dishes but but though I'd fill in some details from the weekend. Ryan already posted the photos of Stephen's haircut. That was the big change of the day. Though Stephen is greatly increasing the amount of time he is standing. He hasn't done it yet without holding on to something or someone but he likes the height that he gets from that position.

He had a pretty fussy night last night, but then was fine from about midmorning on. We are pretty sure it was either teeth or tummy bothered by his iron supplement. I'm introducing more foods every day. He loves crackers, but still rejects most all vegetables and meats.

I attended Jaime's baby shower today. She's having twins in September - a boy and a girl. It was nice to have Ryan be with Stephen for a few hours.

Sumin had her baby on Stephen's birthday! I went to the hospital to see her on Friday. And not only do Stephen and [unnamed son of Sumin] share a birthday - they weighed exactly the same at birth! He was sleeping when I visited but I hope to be able to hold him next time I see him.

Dave and Sue are coming for the 4th of July. Yeah - more grandma and grandpa time!

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