Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hanging out with Maria

We were over at our friends' house today since they hosted a BBQ for Heidi. We took a picture on the same couch where we took one shortly after Maria was born. It was memorable because in this older photo Stephen appeared to be eating Maria's head. Both children were very mature today and let us just go crazy with our cameras. Here are a few snapshots.

We drove there separately from Heidi since she had been on campus, and we were coming from home. When we got there, we walked back to the porch where all Heidi's friends were hanging out, and Stephen just kind of looked around until he saw Heidi. He got so excited that she was there! It's really fun to see him react to people other than me and Ryan, who we are sure he recognizes all the time.

We got some sweet corn at the farmers' market this morning, but we think we're going to have to bring back some corn from Iowa next weekend. There's just nothing like the Grimes Peaches and Cream sweet corn!


Lisa's mom said...

It seems to me that Stephen is imitating the way Ryan sits already.

Lisa said...

could be. he is quite the imitator now. he does this funny head shake if you shake your head "no" at him. also, we sing songs phrase-by-phrase and see how closely he can mimic them. today he sang "L M N O P" in the correct rhythm. but not even close to the correct syllables.