Monday, July 09, 2007

And just how many strollers do we need?

We have a nice collapsible one that can fit in the trunk, but that isn't great for long distances, or travelling over grass. For that, we have a jogging stroller, but that one doesn't fit well in the car.

Just tonight we managed to acquire (temporarily) a double stroller. For the next three weeks I'll be watching a 14-month-old boy for about 6 hours a day, and this would enable us to more easily go to the park.

Today was the first day with Thomas, and it started out rather disastrous, in Stephen's opinion. Someone else was playing with his toys. His mommy was holding another little boy. Between Stephen being upset about toy playage, and Thomas being upset because his mom was gone and he was in a new home, there was whining going on for about an hour.

But then it was naptime. Both boys slept peacefully, and woke up happy, and played together great until Thomas's mom picked him up.

Then this evening I ate dinner with Aimee. Ryan had to be on campus for the music camp he's working for this week. I went to the evening LLL meeting, then headed to campus where Ryan was performing with his sax quartet. We watched their performance through the window at the back of the auditorium. Stephen was clapping during much of it. We'll have to work on performance etiquette :).

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