Sunday, April 08, 2007


Here is Stephen with my mom lying on one of the quilts that made her famous (at least in Joliet). See this story from Friday.

Ryan and I both had quite busy weekends. I had symphony Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening. He had recitals Friday and Saturday evenings and work all day Saturday. It was time to bring in grandpa and grandma. So my parents came down on Friday afternoon so Stephen could get used to them being here before I left. He has been clingy lately (normal for a 9-month-old) and I didn't want any of them to have a miserable evening.

We had dinner with the Wells and Roesslers and then left my parents with the little guy. He did so well with them for the whole evening! (Except he now refuses a bottle and just went to bed hungry.)

On Saturday morning I asked if we could all go out for breakfast since The Original Pancake House is a pretty great place to go eat and I knew we'd have time. We also had lunch with Ryan during his lunch break. Then I went to rehearsal and again Stephen did just great! He slept much of the time. We had a nice fish dinner prepared by grandpa and then I went back for the symphony concert. The soloist, Robert Hedlund, sang well; I enjoyed performing with him as well as several other choirs.

After I came home and saw that Stephen was safely in bed and fed, I bopped over to our neighbors' (my parents were here with the boy). Our neighbor had just remodeled his kitchen and was having a party to show it off.

Today we enjoyed talking a bit about Roman 8 and having a small communion time before my parents had to leave.

Ryan is on his way back to school for practicing and rehearsals for the evening. Stephen is sleeping on his "new" bed. He started rotating himself in his sleep and a crib just wasn't working any more. Here is his new sleeping situation:

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