Sunday, April 15, 2007

Poor Bunny

So I was trying to take a picture of Ryan, Stephen, and this bunny tonight. Here is my best result. Ryan kept throwing the bunny down. It was supposed to be cute.

We had a pretty nice weekend. Ryan has been busy putting together a presentation that he will give tomorrow. I have another math book for Perfection Learning that I have been working on.

Here is a photo of Will and Stephen from Will's birthday. We went out for lunch and the boys did pretty well. Maria and I enjoyed the Mexican food!

Stephen is still just rocking on his hands and knees. Today he did a face plant on the floor so I think that he is afraid to be too aggressive because that really did seem to hurt him.

Tonight I caught him playing peekaboo by himself. He does enjoy the interaction, though, so we play a lot of that game.

We got out with the jogging stroller today. It was so wonderful! Didn't go very far but the weather was nice for a quick little exercise.

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