Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Putting one arm in front of the other

Here I am 6 and a half months later finally getting back to swimming. I swam a half mile the day before Stephen was born. And today I did just under a quarter. But it was something. I'm really impressed with the Y here. I guess my impression is mostly in comparison to the Bell Center at Drake, which I used during pregnancy - and I loved it. But then today I actually got to set my own temperature in the shower! There's a whirlpool tub right in the locker room. And they don't charge extra for towels.

Stephen's doing well still. His tooth is really showing. He's rolled over four times now (pretty soon we'll stop counting). He enjoys his new piano, too.

Ryan is in the midst of job searching. My vote is for the "linen associate" at a local hospital.

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