Saturday, January 06, 2007

All wet......

Well, Heidi and Anthony got married today, but the real story is that Stephen went swimming for the first time. :) The wedding was great; Lisa was a bridesmaid and Ryan sang and played the saxophone. It's exciting to see two people commit their lives to each other, and its even more special when it's two who are so close to us.

In the photo are Grandpa Leatherman and our friends from Des Moines, Geoff and Laurie (mentioned in the post on December 17). We went to the hotel where Grandma and Grandpa Lorimor are staying and made use of the pool. Stephen loved it!

Everyone heads home tomorrow (except the newlyweds, who are off to Florida), and we will have about a week at home before Ryan starts classes again.

First picture: Stephen with the bride, Aunt Heidi
Second picture: Snack time!
Third picture: Two happy grandmas

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