Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Good Report

We went to the midwife for the last time yesterday. We will really miss her! We've gained a lot from her insights, and we really like her approach to pregnancy.

Anyway, we weighed Stephen and he is 10.5 pounds - he's gaining right what he should. I did some quick math and realized that each week, he eats about 280 ounces of food, and retains about 8 of those when it is all said and done. Wow! Could you imagine how much weight he'd gain if he kept all his food as body mass?!?

She also told me that my body is healing just as it should. I'm not quite there yet but we are only 5 weeks out and the appointment is usually done at 6 weeks.

I spent the afternoon with Rachel and her kids. I'm trying to see so many friends in these last few days being in Des Moines!

Today is my going away lunch with Perfection Learning.

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