Monday, August 28, 2006

2 months old today!

Stephen has reached another milestone - 2 months old! He loves spending time under his mobile and seems to get really excited when the orange star comes around.

We started the day by missing the bus :( to go to campus for an early morning prayer meeting. So we drove instead, which does save some time and we even parked for free.

We planned to have a friend over in the afternoon but she hadn't written the right address down and so now she is coming on Wednesday instead. So Stephen and I took a nap (much-needed after little sleep last night!) until Ryan got home.

I had my audition for the C-U Symphony. It did not go well - and I promise I'm not just being hard on myself! But it's over and now I don't have to try to juggle practicing into the daily routine ... and Ryan got to spend a few hours with Stephen and give him a bottle.

Let me know if you'd like to see the 2-month pdf that I put together. I've been playing with my graphic software. It's very cute but I don't want to overwhelm everyone with lots of Stephen emails :)!

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