Saturday, February 20, 2010

She's Half His Age

Today is February 20 and Abby is 4 days shy of 22 months. Which is exactly how old Stephen was when Abby was born.

We're not really "celebrating" but I have been mentally noting it, and thinking back to the trucks that excited Stephen at that time, and how pushing the button and riding an elevator was so momentous.

Last night, my friend Carrie from high school youth group came into town. She lives in Austin now, and I've seen her twice now since living here. We took the kids to the Japanese tea garden near downtown and it was truly beautiful! I think I'll go back sometime without the kids--or at least when Stephen isn't having "accidents" on a regular basis.

We then had a light dinner at The Cove and then brought the kids home to put them to bed. We had such a great time catching up and even reminiscing about old times. Photos were brought out and there was laughter. :)

This morning we celebrated Elmo's birthday at Borders. Yes, that really is Abby sitting on an Elmo book that she found on the shelves.

I'm excited that dinner tonight as well as dinner tomorrow is going to be messing up someone else's kitchen ... thanks, Tina and Patti! Don't worry -- I'll remember the food I'm supposed to bring.

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