Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Accident of a Different Nature

Some of you may know that we're finally taking the step of toilet independence for Stephen. The days of "when he shows an interest" or "when he asks to go" are over, as he will be four in June and we're just done with diapers (for him at least). Last Tuesday we told him that he didn't wear diapers any more and we put them all in Abby's room.

It's been a challenging week but we've stuck to it and I'm finally seeing some improvement.

I have been proudly sharing that he's had an accident-free day -- which he has! But he also hasn't gone #2 very much since the whole process started, and I'm beginning to think that my child, who has never been constipated in his life, might be holding it in a little too much.

So I looked up some information online (because where else can you find reliable medical information :)?) and there were the usual suggestions of prune juice and fruit, the latter of which he is already eating quite a bit of. Then I saw that popcorn can do it. And the boy loves popcorn. So I set out to make a batch in the Stir Crazy. He was thrilled and stood on a stool to watch the kernels transform from yellow to puffs of white.

So I need to back up here and say that Ryan is the popcorn master in this house. He waits until it is just popped, then turns it off and immediately removes the popcorn from the heat source so it doesn't burn. Then he butters it and flavors with salt and pepper.

I tried to be as deft as he is, quickly maneuvering the hot equipment.

But I failed miserably. I did manage to keep it away from Stephen, but after I picked up the base with the popcorn on it, my fingers reacted to the heat and threw it to the ground. This broke the edge of the maker in several places and I doubt it will function properly any more. I will have to break the news to Ryan soon, if he doesn't hear it first from someone else.

Think Stir Crazy gives replacements for potty-training-related accidents?


Mom said...

I have to admit that dad and I both chuckled at your "accident." Hopefully the popcorn wasn't ruined and it will help.

Ryan said...

the popcorn was fine and was consumed by the boy.

as a matter of fact it did produce not just 1 but 2 BMs!

Stacey Rainer said...

I LOVED our Stir Crazy. I got our first one at a garage sale for a quarter. Then the lid got broken. I was shocked to discover how much they cost new. But, we loved it so we bought one. Then it got ruined in our last move. So now we are without. I think I'll just have to suck it up and buy another one.