Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tidbits, Photo-Style

I'm recovering from my nasty stomach bug yesterday (thanks, Abby) and am resting on the couch while the kids watch "letter movie."

I was scanning through my phone camera and thought some photos could capture small goings-on from the recent weeks.

Stephen taking a duck for a walk ... I'm guessing this belonged to my dad. It showed up in our garage somehow.

Abby trying her hand at juggling. While Stephen and Ryan were riding on Thomas, we went to some of the exhibits. A unicyclist was taking a break from riding and juggling, and he let Abby play with the bowling pins.

One morning our mailbox was tipped over like this. When Ryan replaced the box, he hadn't replaced the pole attaching it to the ground, and we knew it was on it's last leg. In fact, we found it had been held up by an old broomstick!! Now it's securely propped up with a solid pipe from Stephen and Ryan's favorite outing destination: Home Depot.

When we go to Central Market (a fancy grocery store near downtown), Stephen gets some good laughs from this "Magic Pop" machine. The machine pops out a light disk similar to a rice cake every few seconds.

Last Sunday our friend Yvette took me to Fiesta Texas for the day. It was such a nice break from the daily routines of diapers and kids' demands ... we rode almost every roller coaster as well as the swings, the ferris wheels and the bumper cars. I hope to be able to take Stephen soon. The height requirement for many rides is 42" and he is just there. He'd love being a passenger in the bumper cars.


Mom said...

Grandpa Wayne made that when he lived in Arizona. We had it and dad thought to bring it down for you. Glad Stephen likes it.

Bethany said...

I'm sorry you got Abby's bug! Is Ryan in town? Please let me know if I can drop something at your door while wearing a face mask and run... I mean, if you need anything from the store.

Lisa said...

i'm feeling fine now. it was a quick one, and i'm grateful for that! yes, ryan was here and even came home from work early yesterday to take over with the kids.

Yvette on her lunch break said...

Hi Lisa!

This blog thing is neat...i have some other friends that do this...perhaps sometime that I am over you can show me how it's done????


leathermanse said...

It all looks like great fun. Enjoy