Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sitting Around Eating Bon-Bons

No, really. I am.

This morning we were at the grocery store, and while standing in line, Stephen developed an aversion to the man standing in line behind us. He started telling me not to let that man look at him, to which I replied that if he didn't want that man to see him, he shouldn't look back.

Of course he did, time and time again, and I grew more and more embarrassed as he kept saying, "No he see Stephen!" Thankfully, the man was good-natured about it and knew that I was doing the best I could to keep the kids under control.

So finally we finished our checkout and started walking out of the store. Apparently, Stephen had charmed the man so much that the man bought him some candy and ran after us to give it to him.

Of course I let Stephen have some of it, but I wouldn't want him eating a whole bag of candy corn, so I need to eat some of it myself.

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Bethany said...

Good, so it's not just me.