Friday, July 04, 2008

The Birthday Cake

Because Stephen loves trucks and tractors so much, I went looking for a cake idea in that vein for his birthday. I found this in Family Fun, and, with Susan's help, put it together for him. I don't know if he thought it looked like a tractor but he was excited about it anyway! I think the M&M's on the wheels won him over.

The photos show the junk I had to buy to make it (anyone love Twinkies? There are 10 left.), the process (Ryan made the dirt), and then the end result. Stephen RAN to it when he saw it. We celebrated with him at the hotel where my parents and Ryan's parents were both staying. (Ryan's recital had been the night before.)


Heather said...

wow! That's totally impressive, Lisa! Nice job!
And no, please don't save the Twinkies for us. Any leftover Twix, though?
And nice job with the dirt, Ryan!

Sue, the Cake Mom said...

LOVE it!! You did a great job - and thanks for showing the "how-to" and all the pieces and parts.

I'm going to post a link to my blog so the moms can see this next week.


Jennifer said...

What a GREAT cake!!!


Lisa said...

Thanks. It was easy ... sorry, no leftover twix. Stephen LOVED those. He didn't care for the mini donuts, though. I currently have the leftover twinkies and donuts up for free on craigslist.