Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Everything is big in Texas, including Abby and Stephen and this post.

We spent a week in Salado, Texas, with my sister Emily and her husband, Spencer. They've been married less than a year and live on a farm, where Spencer had been living for awhile. Little did we know when we planned to go down there that the day-to-day adventures of the Vogts would be such a hit with our almost-2-year-old. Here are some examples ... the chicken and peacock coop that sits right next to the house ... the lineup of tractors ... the classic Fords parked in the sheds ... Bill the dog ... the cows that walk right past the house as they graze ... the riding mower ... the multitude of tractors along the interstate where there seems to be endless construction ... the fish tank ... the life size Brett Favre cutout that sits in the room where Stephen slept ...

On Thursday, Ryan, Emily, and I headed into Austin with the kids and toured the state capitol and visitors' center. Abby slept in the wrap most of the time, as Stephen had done when we were at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

My parents recently decided to purchase a home near Emily and Spencer where they can spend time in the winters. They can rent it out during the summer. That is where the photo of Abby on the shelf was taken. The realtor let us in to look around.

Another highlight for Stephen was being able to sit in the front seat of the car. The design of the Taurus we had rented allowed for the passenger side air bag to be turned off so he sat up with daddy. Although it's not the safest place for him, it made for room in the back for me and Emily to sit with Abby. When I put him in the back seat of Emily's car, he was not happy at all. I think he's gotten used to the back seat again, though.

On Wednesday night, we had dinner at Johnny's BBQ in Salado. This is the restaurant that catered a lunch for the Bush wedding a month ago. The food was good, but I think next time I'd recommend to the Bushes that they go with Big Daddy's in Des Moines.

We also attended (and Ryan was in) Nathan Harnden's wedding in Waco on Saturday. For us it was somewhat sentimental since we spent a weekend in Waco shortly after we started dating. We drove past the area of Baylor where we were walking when I told Ryan that I didn't expect him to do anything for Valentine's Day ... I think I still got some cookies, though.

The trip home was an adventure, as seen in the previous post. We're thankful that we were able to get to a store to get some coolant, and since then we have replaced the radiator cap, which seemed to be the problem.

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Emily said...

The house is sooooo quiet. I miss having you guys here.