Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sibling Revelry

I've been pleasantly surprised at how welcoming Stephen has been to his sister, Abby! Our "problems" these days usually stem from him not getting food that he wants, the weather, and gravity. Only one of those things can I control, and I think it's in his best interest not to eat pizza, cookies, and chips all day every day.

Our day began with some thunderstorms that prevented us from having a morning walk or park time before the Tupperware party started at 11. This did not make Stephen happy. He stood by the door and said "go" continually until Ryan finally took him for a walk around 6.

We enjoyed having some friends here for a casual Tupperware get-together. I am not good at selling it, but I gave it a shot! For instance, one friend was going to buy the rectangular cake taker and the pie taker, and I said that she didn't need to get both, that the rectangular one is big enough for pies. So there went a sale, but that's ok with me. She didn't need the extra item. I'll be closing the sale later this week, probably on the 27th, so let me know if you do want something. They do sell more than plastic these days - it's all online!

Ryan finished his 1st week of ISYM and is now driving a family from Bloomington to their home in a limo. Tomorrow he starts his 2nd week bright and early.

His jazz recital is just a week and a half away and he's been very busy completing transcriptions for it and practicing. Info regarding it is to the right.

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