Sunday, October 21, 2007

Worthless Outlet Covers

This morning I went to see what Stephen was so excited about in the hallway; he had managed to get one of the plastic outlet covers off. Thinking it was a fluke, or that it had been loose, I put it back on and watched what he did. Sure enough, he felt around the cover until he got to the part that has a little bit of room for a fingernail and stuck his tiny little finger in there and yanked the whole piece out. I wonder if the covers are more of a hazard than safety feature at this point because it's enticing to pull them out. I think we'll take a trip to the hardware store tonight and get the (much more expensive and complicated) full outlet covers. I'll let you know when he figures those out ...

He took his first steps last Sunday!!! It was so exciting to watch as he took off from Ryan to me without holding on to anything. He took 5 steps and did very well. Yesterday I think was a turning point for him; I saw him walking several times without me there coaching and coaxing him. I'll try to get some video on YouTube soon.


Heather said...

I told Marc-Andre, who said he was proud of Stephen - he couldn't stop smiling... hope you get the new ones installed soon!

Lisa said...

yeah, most of our outlets are 2-prong and the good outlet covers are 3-prong.

so we spent some of today working on "no touch" with the outlets. it was moderately successful. he now knows that he is not supposed to touch them. but he really wants to.

he's doing awesome with not touching the lampshade and tv. i haven't had to pull him away from either one all week!