Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Great Pumpkin Patch

Stephen and I got to enjoy the Great Pumpkin Patch yesterday morning in Arthur. We met some friends there and explored the exhibits showcasing many types of squash as well as animals. We even got to navigate a maze made of hay bales! It was a little chilly out but we did pretty well all bundled up - him in his Iowa sweatshirt and me in Ryan's Illinois hoodie.

Last night our dryer broke. I don't consider this a huge crisis, because I do like to hang clothes on the line. But many days I would put them in the dryer for a little touch-up. We also wash diapers every other day, so several rainy days in a row could prove to be a problem. Or just less-than-ideal conditions. Take today, for example. There was no rain. Yet the clothes still weren't entirely dry. We are not well-prepared for such a situation, considering we don't have a drying rack and our kitchen chairs can't weather dampness. Here is what our living room looks like right now.


Emily said...

Spencer and Dad are going to LOVE the picture with the H. The Noah's Ark was a pretty cool idea aswell.

Heidi said...

I'm really impressed with Noah's Ark. Way to play with your food!

And for the clothes - Anthony and I were plagued with non-functioning dryers in our last apartment. Having to drape clothes all over the apartment for a day was my least favorite part of doing laundry there. I hope you find a replacement soon!