Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oops, let's start with Abby's birthday

At least I have an excuse. And that excuse was the first trimester.

I never did get much up for Abby's birthday, and now Stephen's had his, and, well, I'm still sitting on a few of Abby's thank you notes. Sigh.

So here goes.

Abby's 2nd birthday will always be remembered for 2 things: crayons and elmo cake pops.

We celebrated with the Texas contingent of the family and a few friends for brunch in the morning. This is when the crayon blessings began. Abby is now the proud owner of a crayon case, a crayon carousel, and a crayon box. I think we've only actually gotten out 1/3 of them, but since most of them are already broken, I think it's time to pull out some more.

Ever since I learned about Sesame Street Cake Pops, I really wanted to make some for Abby's birthday. I knew it would be a lot of work, but I think she loved them as did our friends who got to try some. It was lots of work, and I was thankful to have Yvette and my mom to put them together with me.

We enjoyed them on Sunday evening (the 25th) with our church family. A few pictures to enjoy:

Ready to go!

Yvette working her magic - writing the pupils for the eyes on the m&ms with edible markers.

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