Saturday, May 15, 2010

Frustrating Morning

It's a beautiful day here - 70s and sunny - and yet life has just been slightly inconvenient. Nothing worth making a big deal out of ... But my grandma reads this weblog. And my grandma will care. :)

This morning, I headed downtown to the natatorium for swimming lesson sign-up. They have this one sign-up for the whole city, regardless of the pool where you'll take lessons. Now we live on the far west side, and we don't just "stop by" downtown. But there's a pool around the corner from our house and that's where I'm planning to take Stephen this summer.

I got there and was handed #60 and told to wait for my turn. About an hour later, and they were only to #25. I overheard someone talking about them not taking out-of-town checks, so I inquired and found that indeed, even if my drivers license is local, they would not take a check that was imprinted with "IL."

So I left to find an ATM. There was a Walgreens about a mile away and that would work. I got out of the car to go in, and found that it was closed due to a burglary they'd had overnight. So up the road to the next one. Finally I made it back to the pool with my $40 in hand and I went to wait. They were almost to #60.

When I told them the pool that I wanted to sign up for, they said, "oh we aren't taking registrations for that pool right now." It would have been helpful to note that on their website (or at the very least a sign at check-in), where they clearly stated that they WERE taking registrations for our pool. All I got was a "sorry."

A little teary out of sheer frustration and a little emotional these days anyway, I hopped back in the car and drove home, where we were planning to go to a garage sale auction that was selling a kitchen table to the highest bidder at noon.

We've been keeping our eyes out for a sturdy 6-person table with 6 chairs included ever since we moved here. A few months ago, a friend offered us a table (for free) as soon as her other friend was done with it. So we stopped looking. Then found out this week that her other friend wanted to keep it after all. Which is fine, I suppose. So we're looking again and this table at the garage sale fit the bill. But when we got there at 11:45, they seemed to have sold it to someone early and had closed up shop. So we went to wal-mart, bought some light bulbs and said hello to the fish.

Now I think I'll take a nap. Birthday party later ... that CAN'T go wrong, can it?


Kathy said...

Enjoy the BD party and your nap - that was enough inefficiency for one day.

Bethany said...

Oh man, Lisa! I'm sorry you had such a tough morning. I have never heard of that about the city swimming pools. Hope that the birthday party was fun, at least if anything goes wrong there you can just leave!

Lisa said...

Party was fun ... thanks Lisette!

Kids greatly enjoyed the playground and the cake. Fun to see everyone, too.

I'm gonna put some photos up soon on facebook.

In the meantime, I'm relaxing while Ryan is out getting me a gyro and some stuffed grape leaves. oh yeah.

Laurie said...

i agree my dear - a crappy frustrating morning. Hope today was better!